How do they work?

Imagen1How do they work?

Anyone belonging to the University Community who considers their rights have been violated as a result of a decision made by any body (whether individual or collegiate) belonging to the Miguel Hernández University may direct their concerns to the University Ombudsman and request that he take action.

The University Ombudsman must always strive to improve the quality of the University in all its aspects and take action as rapidly as possible, given the circumstances of each individual case. They may act either ex officio or at the request of a given party.

All members and bodies of the University Community are obliged to aid the University Ombudsman in exercising their duties; as such, they are entitled to:

  1. Obtain from both university services personnel or governing or representative bodies whatever information they deem appropriate and necessary for the fulfilment of their role. They may not be denied access to any documentation relative to the subject of investigation, notwithstanding the provisions of any current legislation regarding classified or confidential documents.
  2. Compel the appearance of single-person governing bodies when they deem it necessary for the fulfilment of their duties.
  3. Attend the sessions of collegiate bodies belonging to the University when the subject matter is relevant to any actions currently being undertaken or to those of any previous proposals.
  4. Obtain and examine reports related to the aforementioned sessions.
2 March 2017