How are they chosen?

How are they chosen?

The University Staff Committee selects the Ombudsman from among those current professors of the University who hold a doctorate degree and have no fewer than 15 years’ experience working in university teaching bodies, at least 8 of which must have involved working for the Miguel Hernández University within the established terms and time periods. University Ombudsman candidates are to be presented before the staff committee’s governing board for the purposes of their subsequent election.

Once selected by the board, the University Ombudsman is formally appointed by the University President.

The duration of the University Ombudsman’s term of office shall coincide with that of the university’s usual governing period within which they have been elected. Furthermore, a successfully elected candidate is eligible for only one re-election (terms of 2 years or shorter notwithstanding).

The University Ombudsman may resign for any of the following reasons:

  • At their request.
  • Clear inability to fulfil the functions of the role.
  • As a result of the dissolution of the staff committee’s Governing Board.
  • As a result of their removal at the request of at least one-third of staff committee members, decided by an absolute majority.