Recommendations, Reports and Suggestions

The University Ombudsman may communicate to academic and administrative authorities and services warnings, recommendations, reminders of their duties and suggestions for the implementation of new measures.

Once such recommendations have been made, if the relevant authority has not taken adequate measures to adopt given measures within a reasonable period of time, or if they fail to inform the University Ombudsman of the reasons for failing to do so, the latter may inform the corresponding vice-president, manager, or University President of the matter and the provided recommendations.

Although the University Ombudsman lacks the authority to amend or rescind the acts and resolutions of university administration, they are nevertheless able to suggest modifications to the criteria that factor into the formulation of said rules.

If, as a result of their investigations, the University Ombudsman finds that strict compliance with a rule may bring about situations that are unjust or detrimental to the members of the university community at large, they may suggest that the relevant body or service make modifications to the rule.