When and how to get in touch

When should I contact the Ombudsman?

  • When you feel that your rights or freedoms have been violated or infringed upon.
  • When you believe a situation to be unjust.
  • When you feel that your legitimate interests are at risk.
  • When you need guidance, advice or information.
  • When you want to raise issues of general concern.

How do I contact the Ombudsman?

Any member of the University Community who wishes to raise an issue or needs counselling within a university context may let us know, preferably by using the form provided for this purpose on the University Ombudsman’s website, in person at the Office of the University Ombudsman, or by mail via registered letter.

You can also contact the General Registry of the University or schedule an in-person appointment at the Office of the UMH University Ombudsman.